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Rising to the challenges of a crisis is nothing new to air travel industry. Individual airlines and airports must take action during this period to transform their industry using digital and comprehensive technologies. Softtek helps the air travel industry by encouraging digital progression and by helping enterprises shift from labor-intensive and an reactive approach to an automated and virtual model that ensures stable and secure operations.



Among many challenges, the Air travel industry needs to work on a short-term and long-term agenda, with quick decision making and swift execution as the crisis unfolds. These short-term challenges and mandates include:



Creation of touchless traveling journey solutions.


Enabling new digital revenue channels/streams and new distribution capabilities.


Strategic IT cost optimization.


Automation, virtualization and chatbots.


Airline Application based journey.


Employee safety and health regulations.


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React, Recover & Grow with the right solutions

To tackle the six challenges, Softtek has created a series of flexible solutions that can be implemented and deployed rapidly:

Enhance Passenger Experience


Enhance Passenger Experience

Disrupt every aspect of the travel journey using biometrics, artificial intelligence and automation solutions to enable a touchless traveling experience that recovers passengers trust.

Customer Insight & Analytics


Customer Insight & Analytics

Access technical and industry specific knowledge related to customer behavior and devise strategies to engage with guests and build brand loyalty.

Enable New Digital Revenue Streams


Enable New Digital Revenue Streams

Working with airlines & airports to develop new ancillary revenues and existing digital channels to take advantage of NDC standards.

Remote Workplace Enablement


Remote Workplace Enablement

Enable and support workers to thrive at home or on the move, rapidly and securely while meeting employee safety and health regulations.

Strategic IT Cost Optimization


Strategic IT Cost Optimization

Explore all areas of operational and financial waste within the Airlines and Airports IT budget to shift scarce resources to what matters most to the business.

Automation & Virtualization


Automation & Virtualization

Engage with customers with AI technology allowing to automate requests and respond quickly to customer needs through virtual agents improving the customer experience.


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