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Continuous application maturity means continuing value

As the needs of customers change, business applications need to flex-fast too. Softtek’s application management approach allows for rapid application evolution while ensuring flawless operation.

Application management with real-time transparency

The shift to agile and DevOps means applications are in a constant state of development. The prevalence of cloud-based solutions powered by APIs also means that your systems depend on those of others as well. Thus, ensuring flawless operation has never been so critical or so challenging.

Softtek’s revolutionary, next-generation AMS approach focuses on supporting today’s digital business operations. Our model is used in some of the most sophisticated IT operations globally. It’s also been adapted for specific industries and contexts, including retail, manufacturing, CPG, banking, insurance, travel, and hospitality.

Our application management services framework is flexible and ready to help drive rapid momentum across industries.

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Scale application maturity with a 360-degree view to support core business processes and drive business value enablement
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Harness intelligent automation to empower users, drive engagement, perform routine tasks flawlessly, and drive continuous improvement
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Expand your distributed agile teams with remote nearshore talent
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Build a solid foundation with Softtek's governance platform– augmented by ServiceNow and other leading ITOM platforms
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Integrate application management services with Lean-Agile and DevOps principles

Application Management Services

Our services range from assessments and advisory services to day-to-day application management, support, and enhancements.
Next-Gen AMS Consulting
From analyzing the current AMS processes, applications, and workstreams, to charting a path to modernize AMS towards a flawless, modern operation, we design a foundation that can keep up with ever-evolving business needs and tech trends and then build it for you.
AMS Cost Optimization
Over the years, we have perfected our Right-Value model, which helps us pinpoint all significant sources of waste. We do advanced analytics of the current workloads, employee productivity, automation infrastructure, processes, and other means to swiftly lower operational cost while improving short-term performance.
Application Modernization
Our approach harnesses the best of your application portfolio, making it run flawlessly as a component of a modern, cloud-based digital foundation that is reliable, easy, and cost-effective to maintain.
Application Monitoring
We go beyond application-level dashboards. We map the app portfolio and link it with core business processes. By adding infrastructure dependencies, we lay the groundwork for operational intelligence. The result is real-time visibility from business, functional, and application perspectives, dramatically improving performance while reducing operational impacts.
Application Support
24/7 application support, including resolving user queries, managing incidents, as well as fulfilling incoming requests.
Application Maintenance
Designed to keep all applications performing at their best and includes problem management, technical debt remediation, and database performance tuning.
Application Enhancement
Enhancements include the functional improvements and modifications required for regulatory changes, plus the enablement of self-service. Also, we offer the implementation of automation tools or features to increase employee productivity and reduce the waste associated with manual intervention.
Application Cybersecurity
Integrate a solid security function and security practices, ensuring secure code, infrastructure, and operations. Our service integrates into true DevSecOps models, making the application safer while also monitoring daily activities to detect anomalies or potential threats, including ransomware attacks and other emerging threats.

What’s behind our Application Management Services

Softtek is the leading provider of application services from nearshore delivery centers. We pioneered and proved the value of distributed agile delivery and SLA and KPI-based AMS models following ITIL, Cobit, Six Sigma, and other practices to make applications operate flawlessly.

CoE Network
& Digital Expertise

With solid automation and DevOps practices, an evolved understanding of how to modernize and access complex legacy environments, a growing network of Centers of Excellence, full global delivery capabilities, and industry specializations, we can make application teams drive faster impact to digital business with lowered risks and higher team productivity.

Allows us to work seamlessly with the clients in the same time zone and makes us a preferred employment choice for top talent seeking regular work hours—something that maximizes our engineers’ productivity, engagement, and results orientation.

Our Automation-first culture is central to our people’s behaviors. In addition to using third-party low-code automation platforms and solutions accelerators, we have created our own tools (FRIDA, for example) that allow us to automate what is necessary as well as engineer code that is always inherently reliable, scalable, and secure.

With one of the most comprehensive Six Sigma programs spanning all roles, our teams continuously seek efficiency and quality optimization. Our software engineers are empowered by Softtek’s portfolio of quality management tools and process improvement programs. Our inclusion of SRE principles, DevOps reference implementations, and the right tools and solutions means our service performance and SLAs are designed for continuous evolution.

Our CoEs continuously research new technologies and best practices and how to incorporate them seamlessly into a coherent and resilient day-to-day IT operation.

  • DevOps & SRE
  • Quality Engineering
  • Cloud
  • Digital Governance
  • Architecture & BPM CoE
  • >Automation
  • API & Microservice
  • Architecture & BPM
  • Project Management
  • Enterprise IoT
  • Enterprise Agile
  • Cybersecurity

Softtek has over 15,000 technology experts and strategic development programs for the leading core platforms. We are technology experts in both digital platforms as well as complex legacy environments.

  • ServiceNow
  • AWS
  • Cloud
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft
  • SAP
  • Salesforce

We also believe in process excellence and align our service with industry best practices, including Cobit, TMMi, ITIL, and SAFe. However, the key lies in how to adopt these best practices into agile environments. We tailor all methods and practices to deliver reliable outcomes under flexible, agile core principles.

Case studies

Digital Architecture helps largest travel group have a modern and scalable platform