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Environmental Policy

Our organization, a global leader in next-generation digital solutions, promotes responsible business growth through a sustainable development model that guarantees economic growth, promotes social well-being and protects the environment.

In this sense, our organization is committed to:

  1. Comply with applicable environmental legal requirements, as well as those voluntarily accepted.
  2. Identify and evaluate environmental aspects and impacts of the business operation.
  3. Promote energy efficiency.
  4. Encourage water conservation.
  5. Evaluate and reduce carbon footprint to mitigate climate change.
  6. Minimize the generation of waste guaranteeing a responsible management.
  7. Promote sustainable acquisitions.
  8. Generate environmental awareness inside and outside the organization.

With this global environmental policy, our organization assumes the commitment to protect and preserve the environment, prevent pollution, and maintain a management system that guarantees the continuous improvement of its environmental performance.

Download the Environmental Policy