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Guest experience, reimagined

Guests are at the heart of hotels, restaurants, casinos & cruises. Softtek empowers hospitality companies to create the ultimate customer experience by accelerating their digital transformation and optimizing their IT operations.

Serve up an exceptional omnichannel CX based on next-gen analytics while maximizing IT outcomes. Let’s define the future of hospitality, together.

Your next honored guest? Digital transformation

Travel is back on the rise. Restaurants are filling up. A collective sigh of relief for hospitality. Whether you’re looking for resiliency or growth, be our guest. Our solutions help organizations ideate, build, launch, and run IT and consumer strategies for a scalable business and delightful guest experience.

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Personalize the guest experience using AI, ML, and advanced analytics
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Enable new digital revenue channels via plug-and-play solutions and agile development
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Gain IT efficiencies through automation, integrations, and portfolio modernization leveraging cloud capabilities
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Shift more precious technology resources from keeping the lights on to innovation
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Commit to green, sustainable operations using intelligent IoT and sensors


Hospitality executives must have a short- and long-term strategy and must make swift decisions to address the following issues:

Increase revenue from new and existing streams.

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Create a frictionless guest journey.


Develop meaningful loyalty programs and personalization.


Modernize corporate applications and infrastructure.


Optimize IT costs in a strategic way.


Increase demand using predictive analytics.



Softtek has developed flexible solutions that can be rapidly deployed to capitalize on the six opportunities described above:
Online Ordering Solution
Frictionless digital ordering (web and mobile) solution synced automatically with your POS, with your branding and seamless menu management.
Customer Insight & Analytics
Deliver personalized and timely offers based on technical and industry specific knowledge related to customer behavior.
Digital Revenue Channels
Deploy or optimize digital revenue channels to offset the decline in traditional sales channels.
Remote Workplace Enablement
Enable personnel to thrive at home or on the move, rapidly and securely, while meeting health and safety standards.
Strategic IT Cost Optimization
Explore all areas of operational and financial waste within the hospitality IT budget to shift scarce resources to what matters most to the business.
On-Demand Agile Pods
Enjoy consistent value delivered sprint-by-sprint by cross-functional teams pursuing your strategic product requirements.

How are we helping clients in the Restaurants & Hospitality sectors