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Sector: Corporative | Technology: Mobile (iOS / Android)


Workey is an application for mobile devices that allows and facilitates the integral management of the needs derived from a hybrid work model that combines remote and on-site office activity. It is a tool for the management and optimization of human capital, resources and physical spaces of a company, allowing professionals to solve in a transversal way the needs derived from the new labor reality that the business ecosystem is experiencing. With the focus on user experience, security and optimization of productivity and resources, the application allows employees to manage their virtual and physical workspace, including shifts, access, reservation of common areas, etc.

Promoting a hybrid working model: a digital solution for managing remote and on-site work.

  • gestion-accesos

    Access Management

    It generates access passes to the office by digital access or through geolocation systems, to facilitate the management of the occupation and maximum capacity. In addition, it allows the employees to request shift and schedule changes and synchronize them with the corporate calendar application.

  • salud-seguridad

    Health and Safety

    Monitoring and management of employees in the work environment, including a work situation reporting system, to promote an efficient conciliation, corporate flexibility and guarantee the integral well-being of all the company's professionals.

  • puestos-virtuales

    Virtual Workstation

    It allows the reservation of the workstations in a virtual way in order to guarantee the safety and efficiency in the work management. In addition, it is possible to consult the availability of common spaces (rooms, parking, etc.) and seats by a digital map of the workstation.

  • peticion-material

    Material Request

    It allows the request of the sanitary and professional material, which guarantees the safety of all the employees to go to the office, by notifying directly to the responsible supply department.

  • Calendario-Laboral

    Work Schedule

    By means of an interactive schedule, it allows the consultation, integral management and agile change of the modality of work (office/remote) assigned for each day, including the management of change of shift with the co-workers.

  • informacion-oficial

    Official Information

    It integrates all current official information relevant to the employees: corporate regulations, social benefits, occupational safety and prevention, guidelines and recommendations about health, current documentation from the official organizations, etc.

  • Productivity


    Productivity and safety measurement tools to mitigate any negative impacts on the economy, including warnings when deviations from the planning take place.

  • Tracking


    It allows to track in real time the occupation of the spaces and common areas of a complete office, including an individual geolocation system to enable the check-in and check-out of work.

  • Notifications


    Real-time notifications for all employees including: critical corporate information, shift changes and job reservations confirmation , common area occupancy status, etc.

  • Distributed Teams

    Distributed Teams

    Workey allows work management, the monitoring of occupancy and the coordination of professional teams that are geographically distributed, including the head offices and international offices.

  • Communication


    The application allows a bidirectional communication between the employee and the company, so professionals can process and manage requests, doubts, etc.; and the company can collect personalized information.

  • Employee Data

    Employee Data

    System for collecting information related to the preferences and work habits of the professionals. With this data the company will be able to detect needs and measure the adaptation to the model.