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AUTOMOTIVE Driving transformation in the era of mobilityl

The automotive industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation. The decrease in sales—exacerbated by the pandemic—and consumer expectations based on exponential technologies has changed the game. It's time to evolve to sustain and capture new sources of value.

The automotive industry's biggest challenge is enabling a Dual-Transformation in a stringed investment environment due to falling vehicle sales, in order to participate in the new mobility ecosystem

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Transforming current business models towards customer-centricity
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Developing a 360-degree view of the customer
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Monetizing data
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Capturing the right talent
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Learning to deliver the best value to customers
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Leveraging a disperse legacy technology
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Automating inefficient labor-intensive processes

Agenda for Automotive

Automotive manufacturing executives are faced with a short- and long-term agenda and must make swift judgements to address the following focus areas:


Shift efforts toward digital projects that build agility and scalability.


Increase brand loyalty, transform into a customer-centric organization.


Create new revenue streams derived from analytics insights, enabled by data gathered at scale from the consumer and vehicles.


Participate proactively, leverage current capabilities and transform the value chain.


Providing real time data, adjusting according to demand, enabling control, and improving process and asset utilization are key features of the integration between the physical, information technology, and operations.


Digitize sales and aftersales to create a seamless omnichannel experience.

Our services and solutions

To tackle current challenges, Softtek has created a series of flexible solutions that can be implemented and deployed rapidly:
Plant Resource Optimization - blauLabs™
Softtek blauLabs™ provides analytical tools to determine optimal equipment operation and reduce utilities' consumption and costs.

Avoid waste, assess energy quality and benchmark utility contracts to truly optimize resources for efficient and sustainable operations.
Digital Sales Services
Ready to use, best of breed omnichannel commerce solution, including strategy, demand creation, creative content and user experience to accelerate the adoption of enhanced digital-first sales strategies.
Softtek for Automotive
Achieve reduced time to value through a preconfigured template for the Automotive industry, with best practices, industry KPIs and full digital ecosystem integration capability:
  • Agile implementation to accelerate transformation
  • SaaS enablement as an option to shift CAPEX to OPEX
  • Able to accommodate any size company
Business Process Optimization - FRIDA
Softtek cognitive FRIDA automation services help solve complex problems using deep learning and related AI technologies to understand and process a wide variety of information, including: video, photos, free-form text, voice, pdfs, scanned documents and other non-structured data.

The cognitive engine behind FRIDA automates processes that require intensive human intervention, or whose manual performance would be economically unfeasible, reducing the risk of errors and streamlining processes.
Customer experience transformation
Provide frictionless Customer Experience with a 360° customer view across all digital touchpoints and interactions, to increase the customer's perception of value and their loyalty throughout the sales and after-sales processes.
FRIDA paperless Forms and Workflows
Our Paperless solution is an intuitive tool that allows clients to configure and automate flows and forms with a mobile-first approach, helping to intelligently process a wide variety of sources of information, including: video, photos, free-form text, voice, pdfs and scanned documents, among others.

How we are helping clients in the Automotive sector

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CX transformation increases auto manufacturer’s customer lifetime value by 23%
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