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Intelligent IT Operations

Imagine End-to-End IT Processes and Operations that Result in Flawless Business Operations at a Fraction of the Cost.

Softtek's revolutionary IT operations approach powers some of the most sophisticated IT operations in the world. Built with modern SRE principles, solid practices and advanced operational intelligence, every aspect of day to day operations runs flawlessly.



Intelligent IT Operations represent the next generation of IT operations management and support. Built on a modern foundation, it connects business performance and reliability with everyday IT tasks. It is powered by Agile practices, SRE principles, process-platforms, a digital governance model, a Business Technology Command Center, driven by AI, RPA and the cloud. Our Global Nearshore model fosters a high collaboration culture and high performing, engaged talent.

Application Management Services


Application Management Services

Gain real-time visibility and make faster business decisions with the power of AMS. Identify applications and infrastructure associated with KPI's to help run operations.

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IT Infrastructure Services


IT Infrastructure Services

Empowering IT leaders to maximize the potential of automation with continued available and personalized experiences through agile digital infrastructure and services.

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Service Desk


Service Desk

Humanizing the ticketing experience. A complete IT Service Desk solution including multiple ITSM activities to deliver better internal support faster, at scale. Receive automated approvals and workflows.

Security Services


Security Services

Companies are gathering data and secure information daily basis. Softtek's security service is a cost effective solution protecting your applications, data, and organization from breaches and vulnerability.

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Quality Engineering Services


Quality Engineering Services

A comprehensive service transforming application testing by providing higher speed and accuracy.

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SAP Management Services


SAP Management Services

Enable operational efficiencies and improve time to market through continuous root-cause analysis to eliminate recurring problems and expert opinions.

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At Softtek, we aim to help our clients drive intelligent, secure, and cost-effective operations and we do so by delivering high-performing services with our IT Intelligence solutions. Our suite of solutions will allow your business to:


Gain Visibility across your Cloud Operations.

Increasing your understanding of the current state of your infrastructure, apps, assets, vulnerabilities, threats, and risk allows you to assess the impact to your services and operations. You may find that your Enterprise operations are overwhelmed. Using our intelligent IT solutions to add “slack” to an overwhelmed system by handling mundane work, allowing humans to focus on higher-order problems, will yield higher productivity and better morale.


Deliver Intelligence-Driven Business Service Health.

Reduce incidents and mean time to repair (MTTR) with Softtek's Intelligent Operations to eliminate noise, prioritize and identify the root cause, and remediate. Our team can assist in accelerating root-cause analysis and remediation allowing you to save time, money and resources.


Unify Workflows to Prioritize and Remediate Efficiently.

Replace error prone, ad hoc processes across security, risk, and IT teams. Automate vulnerability, security incident, and risk management. Partnering with Softtek to Proactively identify and prevent errors empowers your IT teams to focus on higher-value analysis and optimization while improving forecasting for system and application growth to meet future demand.


Modernize and go Beyond Legacy Tools.

Softtek team members are well versed in advanced technology across IT operations to deliver high performance services that create amazing experiences throughout your enterprise. By bringing together data sources that had previously been siloed, your enterprise can depend on more complete analysis, insight and implement a more streamlined operations process. This streamlined process can assist in avoiding downtime which improves both customer and employee satisfaction and confidence.



What’s behind our
Intelligent IT Operations service?

Technology Automation
Global Nearshore
Collaborative Culture

Improve efficiency and quality of operation processes providing a more stable, cost effective and predictable business model.

We are heavily using technology and leaning on automation. We lead with the technology and augment it with necessary skill. This is different with companies that have hundreds of thousands as approach.

Our geographic footprint and Global Nearshore global presence-2 talent network allows us to source the right teams wherever it makes most sense for each engagement or function.


A culture of collaboration. When we talk about Automation-First, the culture is the most important aspect.  It's about the chemistry and environments we create with our clients' engagements.

Improve efficiency and quality of operation processes with a more stable, cost-effective and predictable business model.

Featured Work

Transportation | Logistics
Leading Provider of Technology-enabled Transportation and Supply Chain Management Services

Softtek helps company save 750K+ in a year through ITIS managed service modernization and standardization.

Iconic Quick Service Restaurant

Optimizes Technology Operations and Builds Reliable Platforms, Reducing Guest Friction.

Consumer Packaged Goods | Intelligent Operations | IT Infrastructure Services
World’s largest brewer company

Softtek partners with the world’s largest brewing company to ensure business continuity of their core operations through the Intelligent IT Infrastructure Operations Service and improve both performance and availability of business-critical services.

Consumer Packaged Goods | IT Infrastructure Services
Profitability growth enablement through Outsourcing IT Services

One of the Largest non-alcoholic worldwide bottlers with an agressive corporate goal to duplicate profitability every 5 years, needed to ensure alignment with industry best practices for Infrastructure Services to support global expansion of operations.

Hospitality | Intelligent Operations | IT Infrastructure Services | Data and AI
Casual Dining Leader Transforms Guest Experience and Optimizes Operations

Softtek helps iconic American Restaurant Leader save 30% in cost through managed services and increase guest loyalty by 25% with a Digital Guest Experience platform.

Consumer Packaged Goods | Application Services
Global food company dedicated to bringing local favorite foods to communities everywhere

Softtek partners with a Global Food Company to optimize core business processes, enhance and support hundreds of applications and develop end user functionality.


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June 2020 edition

We regularly update our commerce radar, a simple list of established and up and coming platforms and options for Digital Commerce, to keep track of the evolving landscape. It can be useful to identify new technologies, platforms, functionality and trends by following what’s new and what’s working.

While we mostly use this radar for ourselves, we’ve had been asked to share a few times and decided to make it available for anyone interested.


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