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Embrace a future where IT operations seamlessly integrate with user journeys and business value streams

What are Next-Gen IT Operations?

Next-Gen IT Operations represent the shift from traditional run operations to a modern foundation, connecting business performance and reliability with everyday IT tasks. It involves embracing advanced analytics, secure practices, automation, and AI-embedded processes to proactively manage and optimize IT infrastructure, applications, and services.

Adopt an integrated service architecture model and single point of accountability, based on a holistic approach to building IT resilience.

Service components

Softtek’s revolutionary IT operations approach powers some of the most sophisticated IT operations in the world. Built on modern SRE principles, solid practices, and AIOps capabilities, every aspect of day-to-day operations runs flawlessly.
Application Management services
Manage, support, and maintain core enterprise applications landscape-ERP, SaaS, bespoke, and legacy systems- to run efficiently, securely, and cost-effectively. A complementary innovative approach enables application transformation or modernization services.
Technology Operation center
Softtek's TOC integrates the NOC, SOC, APM, BPM, and Critical Incident Team to reduce detection and resolution times, maximizing the IT asset availability and enabling a Single Pane of Glass to provide visibility and monitor all IT assets under an AI-enabled observability strategy.
Service Desk
Proactive ad fully integrated with IT operations to improve efficiency and reduce response times, increasing the UX through AI-powered chatbots and compressive self-service strategy.
Infrastructure and Platform Management
Manage, support, and maintain hybrid IT infrastructure to stabilize, secure, optimize, and maximize the availability and reliability of business operations, providing managed services including compute, network, database, and communications to help the cloud journey and infrastructure modernization.
Cybersecurity Management
Organize security assets- software and IT security solutions- processes, guidelines, and people to safeguard business systems, providing cybersecurity services for identity access management, vulnerability management, GRC, vulnerability management, data protection.
End-user Computing Administration
Focused on availability, reliability, and security of the workforce devices in a hybrid workplace to increase business continuity. Softtek's EUC cases include collaborative computing, core software image build and deployment services, IMACs, and on-site technical support.
Advanced Services
Softtek provides a complete set of advanced services-Reliability Engineering, Effective Problem Management, Operational Intelligence, AIOps, and Cognitive Automation- to transform traditional IT operations to Next-Gen IT and maximize business outcomes.


Visibility across your cloud operations

Gain a deeper understanding of your infrastructure, apps, devices, performance, vulnerabilities, threats, and risks. Assess their impact on your business operations to uncover areas that may be overwhelmed. Our intelligent IT solutions add slack to your systems by automating mundane tasks, providing visibility, freeing your team to tackle higher-order problems, and boosting morale.


Intelligence driven business service health

Reduce incidents and mean time to detect/repair (MTTD/MTTR) with Softtek's AI-enabled observability, saving time, money, and resources. Our team helps you cut through the noise, expediting root cause analysis and remediation.


Unify workflows to prioritize and remediate efficiently

Replace error-prone, ad hoc processes within your security, risk, and IT teams. Automate vulnerability, security incidents, and risk management. By partnering with Softtek, you can proactively identify and prevent errors, empowering your IT teams to focus on higher-value analysis and optimization. Additionally, improve your ability to forecast system and application growth to meet future demand.


Modernization beyond legacy tools

Softtek’s NextGen IT Ops leverages advanced technology to deliver high-performance services and amazing experiences throughout your enterprise. Our expertise lies in integrating previously siloed data sources, enabling comprehensive analysis and valuable insights. Embrace a streamlined operations process that minimizes business operation downtime, boosts customer and employee satisfaction, and instills confidence throughout the organization.


What's behind our Next-Gen IT Operations services?

Next Generation
Right Value
Generation Model
Global Nearshore
Mature and proven

We leverage our proprietary AI and intelligent automation platform, FRIDA, and partnerships with market-leading automation platforms to incrementally reduce manual tasks and increase accuracy, following a continuous improvement mindset.

We combine real-time operational intelligence, AI-enabled observability, SRE, DevSecOps, and application reverse engineering to align IT operations with business priorities.

Our service design allows for highly optimized engagements and a success rate better than industry benchmarks. We provide a scalable and flexible service design to accommodate fluctuating business needs at an efficient cost.



Our geographic footprint and Global Nearshore talent network allow us to understand the complexities of our clients’ needs and source the right teams from wherever it makes the most sense.






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