Success Stories

Implementation of a QA & Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE)

The Client

One of the largest Financial services organizations today, built to deliver highly diversified financial solutions to Clients throughout the world. With the most diverse array of products and the greatest distribution capacity of any financial firm in the world, its employees manage 200 million customer accounts across six continents in more than 100 countries.

Business Need
As part of its global Right Placement Office (RPO) strategy, the Client needed to find the best vendors to put together a network to satisfy its growing sourcing needs for testing services. This network also required a very competitive rate to meet its cost optimization goals and incorporate testing industry best practices and standards in order to cover its multiple business needs. Due to the sensitive nature of the systems and data to be handled, and based on the company’s security requirements, the operation needed to be located in different delivery centers around the globe. Furthermore, the company was to use Softtek’s infrastructure, with the ultimate goal of eventually transferring those resources to the Client.

The Challenge
The Client needed to standardize its global IT strategy as an organization and create a robust QA & Testing practice based on its defined methodology. It was to include industry best practices, standard processes and policies, as well as a centralized knowledge base, in order to incorporate them into every line of business and improve the overall quality of the applications being delivered.

This strategy also was to provide alternatives to the Client’s businesses to optimize its IT budgets with considerations to a global, highly efficient, India de-centralized model of operations. At the Corporate level, the Client also wanted to enable a mechanism that would enable the organization to efficiently create in-house expert testing capacity and provide it the flexibility to allocate the right resources to the right projects in an expedited and cost-efficient manner, while ensuring optimal delivery and quality.

The Solution by Softtek
Softtek defined, tailored and implemented a QA and Testing Center of Excellence, to support all QA and Testing needs across different business units for both new products and ongoing applications maintenance.

The QA and Testing Center of Excellence not only offers the organization a pool of specialized Test Engineers but also a mature and flexible methodology and best practices, tailored and implemented according to the Client’s needs. In addition to the QA and Testing services delivered to the business units, the CoE resources provide mentoring to the Client’s test leads and managers in order to help permeate the QA culture in the organization.

Softtek partnered with one of the Client’s financial companies in Mexico in order to leverage its existing infrastructure while maintaining a secure operation. This partnership also allowed the TCoE to capitalize on existing knowledge in terms of business operational processes and lessons learned which accelerated the ramp-up process.

The solution also included the generation of knowledge bases and a knowledge transfer process, which allows the organization to build internal capacity gradually at minimal risk, with the option of transferring back the services partially or completely with no disruption to the operation.

The TCoE supports a large number of the corporation’s global applications in different platforms (Web App, Client/Server, Mainframe), and provides different types of QA and Testing services such as Verifications, Test Planning, Test Analysis, Test Design, Test Execution, Test Reporting and Test Automation.

In order to provide the flexibility that the Client requires, the TCoE is able to ramp up or down the number of resources according to the current demand, with an average of 80 specialized Test Engineers over the duration of the engagement

The Benefits

  • The TCoE operates as a critical component of the Client's global QA and Testing strategy, helping it to optimize the IT budgets across all business units.
  • Support the promotion of a quality culture and the use of best practices in QA and Testing projects.
  • Optimized utilization of resources due to the use of standardized processes.
  • Cost optimization by implementing scale economies for engagement and allowing them to generate their own testing capacity.
  • Ramp-up time reduced by 50% with the implementation of a robust knowledge transfer process and the creation of a centralized knowledge base.
  • Reuse level for testing assets of up to 60%.
  • Up to 50% reduced test cycle time due to the implementation and use of test automation.
  • Design time reduction between 30-50% due to knowledge management.
  • Implementation of Service Level Agreements which assure efficiency in the services that the TCoE is providing for the organization and its users.

About Softtek
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